Year: 2019

&Walsh &Walsh &Walsh &Walsh
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&Walsh &Walsh

&Walsh is a new creative agency led by Jessica Walsh, former partner at Sagmeister&Walsh. The agency's name is not just a reminder of its origins in the renowned duo, but also highlights the collaborative nature of its approach. Their branding uses the ampersand for both its visual identity and tonal expression: a typographic system that includes their clients, projects, collaborators, experiments & endeavors: hence the (Blank) & Walsh.
I was invited to work on the core branding and crafted a series of 3D ampersands, along with the agency’s team and the collaboration of other type designers. It can be used in the most diverse ways, carrying the imaginative, crazy approach of the studio in its core. The ampersand is one of the most beautiful typographic characters and will challenge the studio to continuously reinvent its form.

  • Client: &Walsh
  • Visual communication, 3D, Motion graphics
  • Year: 2019
  • Creative/Art direction and Design: Jessica Walsh
  • Brand strategy and Copywriting: Lauren Walsh, Jessica Walsh
  • Production: Gosbinda Vizarretea, Jessica Walsh, Allison Raich, Stephanie Halovanic
  • Lead design: Gabriela Namie, Sanchit Sawaria, Rachel Denti, Soomin Jung, Pedro Veneziano, Matt Roop, Kat Singh, Kitron Neuschatz
  • Design: Jiří Mocek, Junki Hong
  • Typography: Alex Slobzheninov, Dan Forster, Sanchit Sawaria, Gabriela Namie, Pedro Veneziano, Daniel Sabino
  • 3D and Animation: Pedro Veneziano
  • Photography: Sarah Hopp
  • Set and Wardrobe design: Arielle Casale