I'm Losing My Mind


Poster developed for Designer Passport, a project promoted by Shutterstock. The brief was to come up with a personal piece and develop a tutorial out of the creation process.

I'm Losing My Mind I'm Losing My Mind I'm Losing My Mind I'm Losing My Mind I'm Losing My Mind

I was asked to create something that conveyed my personality as a designer and mostly as a brazilian, since each edition features an artist from a different part of the world. Whenever I'm given the opportunity to relate myself to my country, I try to push the boundaries of what Brazilian Design means as much as possible. Our Design is conveyed in colors, pulse, emotions, energy, not in the tropical, handmade stereotype that's given to us. The sentence was chosen to create an interesting contrast with the joyful composition. If you'd like to see the tutorial and learn the basics of 3D out of the creation process, the link is below. It was listed as one of the 10 most visited posts from Shutterstock in 2014.