Web project done for my Intro to Javascript class at Parsons. The proposal was to create a website using our recently learned skills, so I chose to focus more on the visual side.

Inventário Inventário Inventário Inventário Inventário

My initial goal at the time was to come up with something that had a simple funcionality, and yet stood out from the flat general aspect that web projects like these usually end up with. Since I was doing mostly 3D projects I chose to bring an isometric environment into the website. The absense of perspective combined with transparency in the shadows allowed me to do so without actually coding in 3D. I used some of the Html2Canvas documentation, allowing users to save their compositions, and the rest was written from scratch.
The project can be found in the link below. In it, simply click on the scenery to add your icons. You may also hit the refresh button to get a clean canvas and a new environment.