First section from my Bachelor graduation project. This Zine was created to introduce the caracters I was inventing and present their universe through drawings, objects and colors.

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Mutuo, my graduation project, was based upon the invention of a Brazilian Dj duo through different materials, in which I try to simulate their evolution and transmit their personalities and passion for music through Graphic Design only — no use of sound. On this first phase I chose to create a Zine in order to talk conceptually about what they do and who they are. This two-color print was developed entirely as if the duo composed by Ana and Davi had created it, before they actually became music artists. This material was crucial to the project as a whole because it allowed me to introduce the two characters and create a solid ground for their history.
Visually speaking, the Zine was developed using two different languages in order to simulate Davi and Ana's graphic styles, along with the 3D photographies. One makes use of stronger, overlaying tones and typography, while the other is a little more subtle and illustrated.
The use of modelled objects was a fun way I found of speaking about these two characters — or better, let them speak about themselves — and still get an appealing and interpretative result. Both red and blue are each associated to a character and were used as a way of referring to a particular person in each composition. These two aspects combined highlight a playful singularity in the creation of the Zine and make you question who's really behind it.