Book created for a Visual Metaphor class during my studies at Parsons. My task was to come up with a book that explored the word 'maze' as concept, language and content.

Amaze Amaze Amaze Amaze Amaze Amaze Amaze Amaze

The state of being lost was used as a starting point for the material structure: it consists of three different books, in which the main one is folded in a non-linear way instead of binded. This way, the user can go through the whole material however he or she wants to, or even get lost in it. The maze was also explored as a visual queue for the sleeve and the books and as a theme for the main piece, which goes through a personal curation of texts and images that dialogue about being lost in our own lives.
The content is divided into three different print pieces, one of them being a folder that introduces the book and lists all the content. The main book (gray) contains all the imagery and texts in one side and a giant maze on the opposite side. The last piece, entitled 'Bmaze', is a perfect-bind puzzle book full of small mazes that could be detached once you go through them.